Play to Commemorate 79th Anniversary of Diego Rivera’s Work in Detroit

From March 20 to the 22, the Elizabeth Theater in Detroit will present a play named “The Troublemakers: Frida and Diego in Detroit.” The play is to commemorate the 79th anniversary of the debut of Rivera’s “Detroit Industry” murals. This set of murals included 27 frescos painted on the inner walls of the Detroit Institute of Ats. The script for the play was written by Louis Aguilar and includes both the personal words of the two artists as well as things said, both in defense and opposition, of the two. Visuals for the play were created using approximately 100 photos, and the score for the play is inspired by sounds from the Ford Rouge Plant. The play seeks to reveal the controversy surrounding not only the artwork of Rivera but also his personal and political views.

I think the timing of this play is really interesting considering our discussion of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo two weeks ago. Also, considering our discussion of Rivera’s work in Detroit, this article is perfect. Also, it seems that the play is focused on the same things we discussed in class, such as Rivera’s criticism of industrialization, his support of Communism, and his other controversial viewpoints.

Play Celebrates Diego Rivera in Detroit

Kim Jemaine