Fishing for Reforms in Chile

As of Friday the 18th, Chile has set up a series of new fishery laws to help protect the overfished sealands. The environmentalist group called Oceana is a key player in the reformation process. The fishing in Chile was so inhumane in the stabilization of the environment due to the lack of limitations on the number of fish that could be caught in a season or yearly. The fish were being caught quicker than it could produce so many of the species were becoming so low in numbers that a desolate waterland was inevitable. The success of some form of order to this crisis has given the environmentalist a boost in morale though they know this is the first of many steps to bring order to the fisheries.

The executive director, Alex Munos, stated, “We are happy that this new law includes the tools needed to establish sustainable fisheries management in Chile; but is most important is at the result of this long debate, we have come to understand, as a country, one of our great missions is to recover our overexploited fisheries.”

Lastly, the bill is likely to be disputed in the legislative branch, but the hopefulness of the group still strides to push the critical issue.