Hunt or be Hunted

What separates us as Human beings from the wild? Loose Animals? One may say our mental ability, but I’m beginning to wonder. Ayulta, Mexico. For years there has been outlandish gun violence ricocheting throughout Mexico. Hundreds of Vigilantes work desperately in attempt to protect their loved ones and their homes from outrageous terrorist action. This strong movement born by men threatened by these hostile killings and kidnappings of innocent children, helpless wives and the defenseless. These men of these some hundred groups secure and patrol up to a dozen villages a day working as an unauthorized police to maybe work as a deterent for such inhumane killings.


Drugs.  Mexico’s drug problem is one of the leading in the world. Possibly due to the lenience of their already lenient drug laws? “We are not against those who are distributing drugs. That’s a way for them to earn a living. Let anyone who wants to poison themselves with drugs do it. What we are against is them messing with the local people.”

Since 1995 about 80 villages have formed themselves a “Do-It-Yourself” Police task force as they’ve come to be called. The courage of these brave men I believe is to be saluted by the most high. I personally found this news disturbing and was truly disgusted, as usual said to myself “This would never go on for this long in America” but It’s an ENTIRELY different world.