Mexico police arrested in ‘organized crime raid’

More than 150 Mexican police officers were arrested in Durango Mexico for having possible links to the organized crime.  Among the arrested officers, there were two directors of public security from two important cities, Gomez Palacio and Lerdo.  The suspects were taken to Mexico city for further investigation.  The duty weapons of the officers detained were taken from them, in order to test them and determine if they had been used in crimes around the state of Durango.  The investigation will take a long time and therefore the Mexican military is now in charge of the security of  Gomez Palacio and Lerdo.

This shows the problem of corruption that  Mexico has been going trough long ago.   It is very common that drug gangs threatens or bribes the Mexican police in order to cooperate with the organized crime.   It is a clear example of why it has been very hard for the Mexican government to control the organized crime.  The new Mexican president, Pena Nieto is diligently fighting corruption.  Last month he announced that a new national force will be created in order to continue its fights against corruption and the organized crime. Pena Nieto said this new force would be similar to the European gendarmeries, which will focus on enforcing basic law duties.