Vice President Reassures Venezuelans on Leadership

The Vice President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has told that an election could be held very soon if President Hugo Chavez is forced to resign.  The Vice President is said to have visited Chavez during his recovery from surgery.  Maduro is now in control while Chavez is away.  Maduro has told a Spanish interviewer that Chavez experienced problems with bleeding and breathing during and after his surgery. These problems could have caused long term effects.  Chavez has not been seen by the public since his surgery took place in December.  Some people have said that if Chavez cannot provide “proof of life and his ability to govern”, then he should resign and let a new election be held.  The Vice President tells the people that an election could be easily held within a month if the President does in fact resign. This situation was not helped when Venezuela’s supreme court ruled, after Chavez was re-elected in October, that he did not have to be present on the day of his inauguration in order to become president.  Chavez signature was found on a decree re-leased on Wednesday January 16, 2013. People are not sure if he himself signed the document though.  The fact that no one has seen Chavez in public since his surgery has many people asking questions.  Nobody is sure if people who have “seen” Chavez are telling the truth.  This more than likely does not help to comfort the People of Venezuela or the people of the world one bit.  Others, such as the governor who had challenged Chavez in the resent election has publicly called on Chavez to appear in public.   It is important that Chavez either resign or show proof that he is in fact able to do his job, because this situation could potentially cause many problems.  The decision to re-evaluate Chavez over the next few weeks is dragging the situation out.  The longer this situation is going on, the more people are going to get suspicious over what is really happening, not to say that they are not already suspicious.  The situation will continue to be seen a negative light the longer it goes on.

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