Help or Hindrance?

Within the past few months in Mexico, the traditional ceremonies of presidential inauguration and the passing of the torch to governmental higher-in-commands was interrupted by US concerns of its solidity. Through a back-door intervention, US ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne halted the political advancement of an army general due to his suspected ties to the drug cartel. Gen. Moisés García Ochoa was in line to be the next minister of defense; however, the White House interfered citing his alleged drug trafficking ties and misuse of military supplies. This event highlights the ongoing theme of mistrust between these neighboring countries despite claims of cooperation and friendship.

This story seamlessly ties into our discussion about the US government’s “Big Brother” interventionist attitude towards not only Mexico, but all of Latin America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. While this time the US is not stoping a foreign force, it’s taking actions that are not necessarily warranted or requested.


Gen. Moisés García Ochoa, Inauguration Parade

Gen. Moisés García Ochoa, Inauguration Parade


Amy Abernathy