Animals in Uniform

Chimalhuacan, Mexico. The Mexico City metropolitan area authorities are currently in search of three police officers who raped a young woman and murdered her boyfriend. The attack is believed to have taken place around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

The officers are believed to have asked the couple to get out of the car so they could question them. One officer took the young lady to a nearby location and sexually assaulted her, and the remaining two officers are believed to have been keeping the young man busy by questioning him.

What happened directly after is unclear, but the assaulted young woman and the man were allowed to go on their way. Upon arrival home she told relatives what happened and the family ultimately found the patrol car, and the boyfriend was shot and killed in the altercation with the officers.

“The Mexicostate prosecutor’s office reiterates that there will be no impunity for crimes committed in this jurisdiction…” the Mexico state Attorney General’s Office. 25,  February 2013.

I personally think this story is disgusting, and heavily reminded me of the women in The Underdogs. In the book the woman are often raped and sometimes kidnapped by bandits and soilders. More than a hundred years later the very same crimes are still being performed, but even worse by men of the law. How disturbing that you have to take the same precautions with police officers as any one you meet off the street.