Suspected Bombs from Bullfighting Protests | Bogota

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Sara White

February 19, 2017, Bogota explosion: Many injured in blast near bullring ,BBC Bogota, Colombia

This article explains the unfortunate and unexpected event that occurred in Bogota, Colombia on Sunday. There was an explosion that went off in the city near a bullring. This raises suspicion greatly in the area because bullfighting was recently legalized once again and local animal rights activists are strongly against it.Image result for bogota bomb bullring

According to the article, 28 men and 13 women were injured due to the explosion and the majority of the victims, in this case, were police officers. Although the blast is not directly linked to the protest of the bullring, locals emphasize that the protests became progressively more intense throughout the week. Their passion for the cause did not frighten locals  because the animal activists often clashed with police and have been forcefully removed before with tear gas. The other suspicious element mentioned in the article is that there was a bullfight going the day of the explosion and many police attended. The mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa, is determined to find out who planned the unexpected attack and it’s cause.

The aggressiveness of the attack made me think of the forceful presence of the caudillos in Latin America. Although they assumed that they knew what was best, the outcome of their negative actions often resulted in harm to a person or groups of persons as a whole. This attack may or may not been at the hands of the passionate and driven-for-change activists. If it was, their goal must have been to draw attention to issues of cruelty associated with bullfighting. However, the attack ended up harming people over a cause that could have been handled peacefully. The caudillo in nineteenth century Latin America may have not been in the same situation, but handling this issue with violence connected well with the mentality of the caudillos.