Gang Violence in Paraguay

Sara White

April 25, 2017 |

Image result for paraguay gang robberyEarly on Monday morning, Brazilian police confronted a Paraguayan gang in Ciudad del Este as they attempted to raid a private security firm, Locals explained that the whole city felt like it was under attack with the amount of officers who arrived at the scene to combat the aggressive gang members. They blew up the side of the security firm and began to loot over $40,000,000 worth of goods.  They community began to get involved when the gang members fleed from the scene once the Brazilian and Paraguayan officers approached them. They began terrorizing surrounding businesses and burning cars. The confrontation left three members killed and two of them were injured. Another explosion also resulted in the death of one officer. They escaped the shootout but were stopped by Brazilian officers in their route. Currently, a security operation has been initiated to capture the remaining members who escaped into the jungle.

Again we see the use of violence and terror as a result of social and economic injustices. Gangs in Latin America can be formed for numerous reasons, but the thing that brings each member together is their desire to fight for a common cause. This expression of concern is radicalized and is taken out on the people which causes great fear. Thankfully, Brazilian forces collaborated with those of Paraguay to accomplish the same goal.