Robbery Sparks Gun Battle In Paraguay and Brazil

“Huge Robbery Sparks Gun Battle in Paraguay and Brazil.” News, April 25, 2017, sec. Latin America & Caribbean.

On Monday about 50 men, believed to be gang members, blew up the front of a private security firm in Ciudad del Ester in Paraguay. Reports say that the men stole over $40m from the firm. The men escaped after a two-hour shootout with the police – it is believed that the men escaped by boats in the nearby Panama river. The men seemed to have gone to Itaipulandia, Brazil where they encountered the Brazil police. The gang members and the police have exchanged fire, however, the men were still able to escape and now are in Brazil.

This story is interesting because now the robbery is no longer just a Paraguayan issue it is an international one because the men have escaped into Brazil. I thought it interesting it was gang members who carried this out because we rarely read about gangs outside of Mexico and Central America. Violence is a problem for a lot of Latin American, yet we only learn of a few because those get the most attention.