Venezuela Opposition Aims to Keep Protests Peaceful, but Violence Erupts

[Daniel Levay]

Protesters yearning for Venezuelan elections have been accredited with being sole agitators against pro government activists during sit ins that have been happening for three weeks. Security forces attacked the crowd randomly and two people were killed. Rubber bullets and water cannons have only increased the rates of looting by creating chaos in the streets that were once peaceful protests. 18 more people have been killed this week as the anarchy and looting has intensified. President Maduro is expected to put on his own demonstrations with his backing supporters against potential opposition Julio Borges, leader of the state National Assembly. The state National Assembly was quickly dissolved and power redistributed. Maduro maintains power calling for the standing Constitution to be amended to the given time and for their to be elections. He did not seem seriously for either claim however since he was not eager to speak about possible time frames.