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Latin American news blog: The class will create a news blog that will familiarize you with the issues facing Latin America today.  The website is This assignment is worth 10% of your grade.

Each week you will read at least one article about Latin America or Latino culture in the US in a major US news source, either in print or on-line. You may also use other English language news sources, for instance, the BBC or English language newspapers in Latin American cities, but you may NOT use foreign newsgathering agencies such as the Chinese Xinhua News Agency. Always be aware of the source of your news. You will then post a brief summary of that news article and to the best of your ability relate it to the readings and class lectures.  Article summaries alone are not acceptable. The post must be from that week’s news. Be sure to include your name on each post.

Each entry should include a full reference to the article, for example:
Jane Goodyear, “Power and Politics in Latin America,” The Washington Post, 6 July 1997, sec. C, p. 4.
or the link to on-line articles:
Your contribution will be due by class time each TUESDAY. NO LATE CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED, even if the system is down!! You should send me a copy via email if you are concerned. Remember that all your work is subject to the Honor code.

Your submissions are graded on a credit (you submitted an appropriate article with a citation and some thoughtful attempt to relate it to the class)/no credit (you did not submit an article, you did not provide a citation, you did not relate it to the class or you did not submit anything) basis.

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